Joy2Learn brings America's greatest artists into the classroom free of charge via the Internet.

The Joy2Learn Foundation was created in 2000 to improve public education by creating and providing high-quality arts content to schools free of charge, via a series of Internet based presentations, using live video and other multimedia elements in an engaging interactive format.

Each e-Presentation is comprised of video clips of the artist who introduces his or her art form, discusses its history, background and specificity, presents personal insights, and performs or demonstrates. Each e- Presentation is supported by interactive multi-media materials such as pictures, maps, text and quiz games.

The Joy2Learn e-Presentations were designed for use in the area of the arts and also may be used to illustrate and reinforce basic reading and writing skills as well as the study of social studies, math, science, and English language arts. They may be used in elementary, middle and high school. Each e-Presentation is accompanied by extensive teacher material including lesson plans, which are designed to support state curriculum standards.